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Our Services

Nichols Tourism Group provides an array of services to assist destinations in maximizing their attraction potential and enhancing the visitor experience.  

Destination Strategic Planning

The NTG team has one of the most extensive ranges of strategic planning clients of any firm in the U.S.  Destinations ranging from Alaska to Sonora, Mexico have retained NTG to help them through the often challenging process of integrating divergent constituents and developing strategies that allow a destination to maximize its tourism potential.

Applying Sustainability Practices

While sustainability has always been a part of destination planning, it has taken on increased importance in many  areas and NTG helps sensitive destinations incorporate the latest thinking in managing destinations.  Through an array of tactical steps these unique destinations operate  in ways that don't denigrate what makes the destination special in the first place.  

Advocacy - Building the Case

NTG is frequently retained to assist  in helping a destination build its case and advocate on behalf of important issues .  Whether organizational funding, public sector coordination, or resident outreach, NTG professionals bring  diverse, often complex statistics, along with industry realities, to craft effective approaches to advocate on behalf of destination needs.

Destination Architect Planning

As destinations' mature,  they recognize they must not only promote the destination, but also  proactively identify and stimulate the right kind of new tourism development opportunities.  They must wear a "Destination Architect" hat and work towards bringing new initiatives to the forefront, keeping the destination fresh and responsive to today's visitors and their desires.   NTG helps destinations identify opportunities, helping them move priorities forward.  This expertise was used by Destinations International where Mr. Nichols taught the CDME Product Development course.  

Resident Quality of Life Assessment 

From broadening the array of retail operations, food & beverage facilities, attractions, parks and recreational opportunities, too often tourism's role in expanding the range of facilities is unclear to the typical resident or community leader.  NTG helps identify these connections and develop materials to help the tourism industry communicate this important role.

Visitor Center Advisory

Visitor centers have long been an important element to many travelers, helping them identify experiences and communicate stories that help engage the visitor and make the experience more compelling.  In many instances, a visitor center that was developed 10 to 20 years ago has limited appeal to today's visitor.  Through extensive surveying work and assisting centers across the county, NTG helps destinations develop or refine centers to maximize their appeal.  

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