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Destination Architect Advisory

Ambiente-A Landscape Hotel
When evaluating  how a truly unique Sedona lodging addition could be received in this diverse destination, Ambiente looked to Nichols Tourism Group to help understand and position this new addition.  As the first "Landscape Hotel" in the U.S., this addition would  introduce a sustainably focused lodging product to the Sedona marketplace.  It's 40 "Atriums" provide glass enclosed individual units that essentially bring the natural Red Rock environment into each guest's room.  NTG helped evaluate demand, Ambiente's competitive positioning, and prospective proformas that were an important element in moving this unique project forward.  
Scottsdale Museum of the West

After completing a long range strategic plan for Scottsdale, one of the tactical initiatives was to develop new elements that reinforced one of the destination's most unique (but disappearing) competitive advantage - its Western Heritage.  NTG was then  tapped to help in the planning and development of a new Scottsdale Museum of the West.  Its geographic positioning in the City was targeted to help generate new foot traffic in a declining Arts District and its unique ownership structure combined both the City and a new non-profit, helping to delineate responsibilities for the structure itself and the collections and operations of the museum.  By helping the facility identify target audiences, estimate prospective visitation and pricing levels, and identify how the facility helped broader strategic destination goals, the facility became a reality.  

Ponte Vedra Naturally 

Ponte Vedra, Florida is home to the Tournament Players Club and Sawgrass County Club, as well as a mix of some of the highest quality resorts in the nation.  When the Chamber of Commerce wanted to identify new tourism product development opportunities that would  resonate with its high end guests, while enhancing their residents' quality of life, they engaged NTG and its alliance partner The National Laboratory of Tourism and eCommerce to  help them through the process. 

The solution was to capitalize on the many unique natural assets of the area, brand them with an integrated theme and then showcase them electronically, making it easy for a visitor or resident to know what the experiences were, how to access them, what sustainability actions should be taken when using them and expert tips to make their experience more special.  Through these proactive efforts, many under-recognized assets gained greater visibility and a new product was introduced that directly connected to many visitor interests.  

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