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Destination Strategic Planning 

Bringing the diverse range of tourism entities together to maximize destination performance.

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For over 25 years, the professionals of Nichols Tourism Group have assisted destinations in building and implementing strategies that help maximize their attraction potential. Whether in the public or private sector, the challenge is often the same, how does a destination or attraction effectively compete in the continually changing visitor marketplace. 


Let us help you in your destination journey!

About Us
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About Us

Since 1995, Nichols Tourism Group, Inc. (NTG) has been positioned as a national leader in providing strategic planning, product development and research services to the travel and tourism industry. While many firms bring either a pure marketing or strict analytical focus to tourism consulting, NTG combines both to create innovative, balanced and practical approaches that help its clients capture an increasing share of the billions of dollars that are annually spent by travelers.


NTG most frequently puts these strengths to work for organizations charged with marketing, development and managing destinations and for businesses seeking to increase their share of the tourism pie.  Through NTG's national experience and because of its unique focus on tourism, the firm continues to be a leader in its ability to implement the latest and best approaches to capitalizing on visitor spending-related opportunities. Much of the firm’s work has focused on tourism product development, ranging from heritage, outdoor recreation and cultural projects. 



16 Tee Place

Bellingham, WA 98229

Tel: 602-369-8526

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