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NTG approach is unique in that it  has strategic alliances with  some of the most talented and senior tourism professionals from around the country .  By assembling the appropriate talent, NTG is able to  directly address the needs of a particular client and project.  The following summaries present key individuals and capabilities NTG often works with.

Mitch Nichols

Mitch Nichols is President of Nichols Tourism Group, Inc. (NTG) and leads the strategic planning and product development activities of the firm. Mr. Nichols' expertise is focused on the study of a destination’s underlying economic factors, the impacts of changing market conditions and the resulting implications to product and destination performance. He has directed and overseen  hundreds of strategic destination planning efforts, ranging from the states of Alaska to Sonora, Mexico. In all instances the challenge is similar, how do destinations or projects strategically prioritize their opportunities in ways that maximize their competitive position. The firm prides itself on developing strategies that are embraced on an industry-wide basis and are truly implementable.

With over thirty years of proven success in the destination marketing and management industry, Mr. David Radcliffe knows the operational challenges faced by Destination Management Organizations and how to implement creative solutions to maximize performance.  He has not only directed CVBs for many years, he was chosen by his peers to serve as chairman of the International Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus, the world's leading convention and tourism trade association.

The Radcliffe
National Laboratory of Tourism & Commerece 
Dan F.jpg

Dr. Daniel Fesenmaier is the Director of NLT&eC , is one of the top tourism researchers in the United States and has taught at the University of Illinois, Temple University, the University of Florida and Module University in Vienna, Austria. Dr. Fesenmaier analyzes and applies cutting edge research to today’s tourism challenges and during his over 30 year tenure, has been involved in tourism marketing and research projects for a diverse range of states, city and county tourism organizations. He is past Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Information Technology and Tourism and has previously served on the Board of the Travel and Tourism Research Association.

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