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Alliance Partners

NTG often joins with one of its Alliance Partners to bring some of the most seasoned and senior advisors in the industry to help advise clients and bring innovative solutions to the ever-changing visitor landscape. 

Better Destinations

As Better Destinations’ leader, Cathy Ritter understands that destinations are too often offered a one-dimensional solution that falls short of achieving desired results. Better Destinations offers a better way. This flexible consulting practice is founded on a belief that healthy visitor ecosystems grow from addressing a holistic range of considerations. Better Destinations is equipped to assist leaders in maximizing the benefits of tourism while addressing impacts to achieve overall positive outcomes, including stakeholder support.

Drawing from nearly a decade of experience as state tourism director for two powerhouse states, Illinois and Colorado, Cathy Ritter has deep experience in developing customized, insight-led solutions to pressing tourism challenges. A specialty is action-oriented destination management planning, especially relating to sustainable or regenerative tourism. Another is guiding creation of initiatives to address specific objectives, whether destination development, low-impact tourism, visitor preparedness, inclusivity, or other interests.

Destination Consultancy Group

Destination Consultancy Group (DCG) is a boutique international advisory partnership of tourism/hospitality, entertainment and transportation professionals, providing services in Strategic Planning, Operational Productivity, Organizational and Marketing Management, and Industry Development. The company performs assignments under 10 advisory practices.

Led by Don Anderson, over the past 25 years the firm has completed over 250 in-depth strategic plans, 100 organization marketing/sales and business development plans and 75 organizational development and board leadership plans. Don also developed and oversaw the Certified Destination Management Executive program (CDME) for Destinations International. This program is recognized as the tourism industry’s highest individual educational achievement.

Development Councilors International

Development Counsellors International (DCI) is a specialized marketing agency serving US and international clients for over 60 years.  With expertise in economic development, tourism and talent attraction, DCI’s team of creative placemakers will design place marketing campaigns that attract more visitors, more business, and more talent to your destination. The team develops close partnerships with clients to understand a destination’s brand identity and how best to support business growth, foster community development and capture the attention of potential visitors and residents. DCI does this through a personalized marketing strategy for every client, offering a wide array of services, from public relations to digital marketing.

With locations across North America, including New York, Denver, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Montreal and Toronto, the agency has worked with more than 500 cities, regions, states, provinces, and countries to attract investors, visitors, and talent.

Tourism Impact Services

TIS is a tourism destination stewardship consultancy that provides assessment, planning, and implementation services to communities of all shapes and sizes.   Our team has worked on projects around the world including partnerships with some of the most iconic gateway communities in the United States. We have extensive experience in destination development, sustainability standards, visitor management, and communications and can support your community in any capacity - from tourism master plans to social media campaigns.  

Led by Bobby Chappell, TIS recognizes that outdoor destinations around the country are reimaging the purpose of tourism and adopting a destination stewardship ethos which can be a transformational model.  These destinations are convening diverse groups, connecting the dots of their community ecosystem, and identifying common goals.  The end result is a collaborative community vision with validated strategies for managing how tourism intersects public lands, community services, destination infrastructure, and quality of life.

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