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Recent Project Initiatives

Here is a sample of recent assignments NTG and its alliance partners have worked on – contact us and let us show you how we can help your destination. 

Grand County and Moab, UT

As one of the county’s most sought-after outdoor recreation destinations, Moab and broader Grand County needed help in determining how best to accommodate the increasing number of visitors to the region, as well as considering ways to diversify the County’s economy.  Home to two National Parks, Arches and  Canyonlands, as well as a State Park, multiple scenic drives and a diverse range of historic movie sites, it’s no wonder the area’s appeal continues to expand.

NTG teamed with Better Destination’s Cathy Ritter and the powerhouse data research firm of RRC to bring solutions to the broad range of both industry participants, as well as those residents that call the region home. 

Florida’s Sports Coast, FL

More and more destinations are using youth sports as part of their visitor base, capitalizing on this ever-evolving family-based segment.  Pasco County, located just north of Tampa, based its brand around this segment and has committed significant capital resources to develop facilities that set the destination apart from other competitors. 

NTG worked with Destination Consultancy Group and its leader Don Anderson, in creating a new Destination Development Strategy.  This work not only helped prioritized future investments for the destination,  but also provided direction on how they could diversify and elevate the range of other complementary destination assets, ranging from their outdoor recreation products to the redevelopment of one of their key resorts that required enhancements to maximize its future potential.

Fredericksburg, TX

Featured as one of MSN’s  10 Up-and-Coming Small Towns to Visit in 2024 they posed a question: “If you seek state-of-the-art wineries, quaint bed and breakfasts, and a heavy German influence, a vacation to Fredericksburg is an absolute necessity.”

The destination has evolved as one of the state’s favorite get away destinations for both Texas residents and visitors from farther away.  Like many small, unique destinations, they embraced their success as a quality destination that has seen major success as their wine industry continued to evolve, but they didn’t want to lose the charm the made the destination special in the first place. 

NTG and its alliance partners New York based Development Counselors International and Destination Consultancy Group worked to develop a Destination Master Plan that helped Fredericksburg develop strategic priorities along with the tactical steps for both the CVB itself and the broader industry partners that are critical for long term success.

Sedona, AZ

As an advisor to the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau for more than 15 years, NTG has helped the destination chart its course as one of the county’s most recognizable destinations in the county.  Its majestic red rocks are instantly known by many who have traveled to the destination. 

Ranging from broad Destination Strategic Plans, to one of the county’s most expansive Sustainable Tourism Plans, NTG has crafted plans and strategic direction that has helped the organization and the destination manage its visitors’ industry. 

Most recently, NTG has helped one of the newest additions to the Sedona environment, Ambiente, plan and develop one of the county’s newest “landscape hotels”.  Featured in publications like Conde Nast Traveler and Leading Hotels of the World, this truly unique property adds an important new allure to the destination.

Park City, UT

Branded as “Winter’s Favorite Town”, Park City is recognized as one of the nation’s top ski destinations.  It’s prior role as home to the 2002 Olympics is an additional facet that is often associated with this unique destination.  This heritage will likely continue and expand, as the  International Olympic Committee named Park City as the preferred candidate for the 2023 Winter Games. 

Visit Park City retained NTG and its alliance Partner Better Destinations to help them strategically prioritize future destination development investments.  This prioritization considers not only their future Olympic role, but also broader destination strategic priorities like seasonality balances and sustainability initiatives. 

Nevada Destination Development Demonstration – 3D

Nevada is most typically recognized for its gaming destinations of Las Vegas and Reno.  However, when Travel Nevada wanted to help the many smaller destinations around the state more fully capitalize on the visitor industry as an increased part of their economy, they retained the team of Better Destinations, NTG and SMG Consulting.  The team helped concept and execute a Destination Development Demonstration program – referenced as the 3D Program.

Over a two-year period, six rural destinations were selected including the small town of Gerlach – home of Burning Man, Lincoln County with its 5 State Parks and unique Area 51 neighbor and Boulder City adjacent to the water-based recreation mecca of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.  The collective team assisted these destinations develop plans that outlined strategic priorities and tactical steps to help each ensure increasingly attract targeted visitors to their destination through further development of unique products and experiences that increasingly differentiated each destination.

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