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Resident Quality of Life Assessment

Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture Role To Visitors and Chicago Residents

The Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture was one of the few organizations in the nation that directly tied the combination of tourism and culture together.  They recognized that the  incremental demand and support of visitors to  the cultural elements of the city helped expand the range and diversity of experiences , adding significantly to residents' quality of life.  Not only was the office a critical conduit in educating visitors as to the wide array of  cultural assets in the city, they also managed the nationally recognized Millennium Park in downtown Chicago.

Whether the highly photographed "Cloud Gate" (or more frequently known as the Bean) or the wide range of concerts held in Pritzker Pavilion, the  Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture played a critical role in operating this cultural asset of Chicago .  When the office needed assistance in quantifying  the varying ways it helped add to resident's quality of  life, they retained NTG and the National Laboratory of Tourism and eCommerce to develop new approaches to quantify and  illustrate the organization's role.

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