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Dr. Daniel Fesenmaier

Dr. Fesenmaier is the Director of the National Laboratory of Tourism and eCommerce (NLTeC), a multi-disciplinary research institute.


The primary mission of NLTeC is to conduct and facilitate high quality inter and multi-disciplinary research and development in those areas of tourism impacted by technology. To this end, NLTeC provides a unique and powerful setting for scholars and practitioners to consider the nature and role of information technology in the tourism industry. 


Dr. Fesenmaier  has taught at the University of Illinois, the Fox School of Business at Temple University, the University of Florida and Modul University in Vienna, Austria.  

 As Director of the NLTeC, Dr. Fesenmaier is responsible for directing travel and tourism research projects and providing consulting services to national, state, region and local tourism organizations. Over the past 30 years, he has been involved in tourism marketing and research projects for the U. S. Travel Association and for tourism organizations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Rhode Island and Texas.

Dr. Fesenmaier is author of over 250 articles dealing with tourism marketing, advertising evaluation and information technology. He has co-authored a monograph titled Assessing and Developing Tourism Resources, co-edited 5 books, is co-founding editor of an international journal titled Tourism Analysis and is Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Information Technology and Tourism.

Tourism Strategic Planning

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